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Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Nia Hamm | @nia_on_tv

Are you a young adult whose current circumstances are much different than the future you envisioned for yourself in the past? If so, than Schooled is the podcast for you. Do you feel as if the “blue-print” for the happy, successful life your parents modeled their lives after is in no way applicable to your life - in part - because the challenges you face are much different and specific to your generation? If so, you’re not alone. If you feel like you’ve done everything you were supposed to do and you’re still not where you want to be - or perhaps you are where you’re told you should be but you still feel a void in your life, we get it. These overwhelming concerns are endemic among today’s young adults and leave many wondering what to do about them. We don’t have all the answers, but we know some pretty awesome people who do and (as we used to say in the 90’s) can ‘school’ us on them.

Skooled is a community of people as well as a podcast that specifically speaks to the concerns and anxieties young adults face daily. These concerns are uniquely specific to their realities and have been shaped by a number of significant events and variables, including but not limited to: The Great Recession and its impact on the global economy; the evolution of social constructs such as gender roles and their impact on love, marriage and families; the Technology Revolution; the rise of education costs and ballooning student debt; social media (which is part of the Tech Revolution but deserving of its own category); major legislation; pop culture; changes in the environment; and our response as a society - and as sub-communities within our society - to these issues.

This doesn’t mean young adults don’t bare any responsibility for their own life choices and the subsequent outcomes of those choices. We all know many-a-folk who have more than a few regrets in life. However, many of us find ourselves in situations that have been overwhelmingly influenced by factors outside of our control, such as the above-mentioned issues, some of which are so recent that the totality of the ramifications they produce have yet to be fully realized. This makes it incredibly difficult to map out a tenable course of action for many people impacted by them. Without the necessary tools to do so (whether these tools come from family, education, or good old luck) we often find ourselves feeling unfulfilled, unhappy or dissatisfied in any number of areas in our lives. All of it is enough to keep your cortisol levels on 10 24/7. It’s no wonder anxiety, depression and similar mental health challenges (we’ll address those as well) seem so prevalent among young people. We’re all stressed out!

Episodes on Skooled tackle these concerns experienced by young adult Americans by amplifying the voices of experts from various fields who have unique perspectives on these issues as they relate to relationships (both romantic and otherwise), finances, health (including mental health), careers, happiness, well-being, etc. These are all parts of the whole that is your life. A synergy and balance between these parts is necessary to achieve your ideal life and ultimately the happiness so many of us desire. And if happiness isn't the goal, than what's the point?



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